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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Download iOS Firmwares IPSW – iPhone, iPod Touch

Download iOS Firmwares IPSW – iPhone, iPod Touch

Official Firmware download

iOS 8.1.2 IPSW Direct Download Links

Micromax Android- All Flash File Only Here chana flase file

Micromax Android- All Flash File Only Here

Micromax A25
Micromax A26
Micromax Ninja A27
Micromax A30
Micromax A34
Micromax A35
Micromax A44
Micromax A45
Micromax A50 Ninja
Micromax A51 Bolt
Micromax A52
Micromax A54
Micromax A55 Bling 2
Micromax A56
Micromax A57
Micromax A60
Micromax A62
Micromax A65 Smarty
Micromax Bolt A67
Micromax A68
Micromax A70
Micromax A72
Micromax A73 Superfone Buzz
Micromax Canvas Fun A74
Micromax A75
Micromax Canvas Fun A76
Micromax A78 Superfone Gossip
Micromax A80
Micromax A84 Superfone Elite
Micromax A85
Micromax A87 Ninja 4.0
Micromax A88
Micromax A89 Ninja
Micromax A90
Micromax A90S
Micromax A91 Ninja
Micromax A92
Micromax A101
Micromax A100 (Superphone Canvas)
Micromax A110 (Superfone Canvas2)
Micromax A110Q
Micromax A111
Micromax A115
Micromax A116 (Canvas HD)
Micromax Canvas 4 A117
Micromax A210 (Canvas 4)
Micromax A240 Doodle 2
Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo

Micromax Funbook Alpha P250
Micromax Funbook P255
Micromax Funbook Infinity P275
Micromax Funbook P300
Micromax Funbook Talk P350
Micromax Funbook P360
Micromax Funbook P362
Micromax Funbook Mini P410
Micromax Funbook P500
Micromax Funbook P550
Micromax Funbook P560
Micromax Funbook 3G P600
Micromax P650 Canvas Tab

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Avator-Box Setup

Avator-Box Setup
[dir] Drivers2.5 MB2013-Sep-11
[dir] Old23.5 MB2013-Sep-11
[rar] AB-BOX_Firmware1.58E.rar336.0 KB2013-Sep-11
[rar] AvatorBox-V6.733.rar44.9 MB2013-Sep-11
[rar] Avatorbox-Ver5.901.rar12.9 MB2013-Sep-11
[rar] Avatorbox-V_6.513.rar14.5 MB2013-Sep-11
[zip] Avatorbox_V6.305.zip21.2 MB2013-Sep-11
[rar] Avator_Box_ oscilloscope_Tools.rar639.1 KB2013-Sep-11
[rar] RemoveCommzeroErr.rar1.2 MB2013-Sep-11
7 Files - 2 FoldersTotal size: 121.7 MB

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Software Download

Model NoSerial No
Model NumberSerial NumberDownload File
TM-MID10120130440000001 to 20130440001010DOWNLOAD
TM-MID10120130540530001 to 20130540531010DOWNLOAD
TM-MID101D201310413000001 to 201310413001206DOWNLOAD
TM-MID101N20130640590001 to 20130640591010DOWNLOAD
TM-MID3D2420120237830001 to 20120237831105DOWNLOAD
TM-MID60020120738640001 to 20120738642006DOWNLOAD
TM-MID710201309411400001 to 201309411403030DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72020131141280001 to 20131141283030DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72020120838870001 to 20120838875050DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72020121139300001 to 20121139305000DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72020130540260001 to 20130540266060DOWNLOAD
TM-MID720201301 to 201301DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72020130540270001 to 20130540275050DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72020130440190001 to 20130440195000DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72020130640630001 to 20130640638585DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72020130540460001 to 20130540466060DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72020130840900001 to 20130840904545DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72020130840850001 to 20130840855050DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72120130540240001 to 20130540244040DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72120130440170001 to 20130440173030DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72120120838860001 to 20120838868080DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72120130840840001 to 20130840846060DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72120130640640001 to 20130640645050DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72120131141270001 to 20131141273030DOWNLOAD
TM-MID72120130840930001 to 20130840934040DOWNLOAD
TM-MID73020120838800001 to 20120838804020DOWNLOAD
TM-MID73020130139690001 to 20130139692525DOWNLOAD
TM-MID73020130540280001 to 20130540283535DOWNLOAD
TM-MID73020130640650001 to 20130640654545DOWNLOAD
TM-MID73220121039240001 to 20121039245000DOWNLOAD
TM-MID73220120838930001 to 20120838935000DOWNLOAD
TM-MID73320130941120001 to 20130941122020DOWNLOAD
TM-MID73520130339900001 to 20130339905050DOWNLOAD
TM-MID74020120738080001 to 20120738082010DOWNLOAD
TM-MID75520130139700001 to 20130139703030DOWNLOAD
TM-MID76020130339980001 to 20130339985050DOWNLOAD
TM-MID76020121039160001 to 20121039163000DOWNLOAD
TM-MID77720130339860001 to 20130339865050DOWNLOAD
TM-MID78820130640610001 to 20130640612020DOWNLOAD
TM-MID78820121239540001 to 20121239541515DOWNLOAD
TM-MID78820130339870001 to 20130339873030DOWNLOAD
TM-MID78820130440140001 to 20130440143030DOWNLOAD
TM-MID78920130339860001 to 20130339865050DOWNLOAD
TM-MID79020130640690001 to 20130640693030DOWNLOAD
TM-MID79020120838920001 to 20120838921000DOWNLOAD
TM-MID79020130139620001 to 20130139621414DOWNLOAD
TM-MID79020130440130001 to 20130440133030DOWNLOAD
TM-MID79020120440130001 to 20130440133030DOWNLOAD
TM-MID7952013033760001 to 2013033761010DOWNLOAD
TM-MID85020120738640001 to 20120738642006DOWNLOAD
TM-MID88020120838850001 to 20120838852500DOWNLOAD
TM-MID94020121239530001 to 20121239531000DOWNLOAD
TM-MID94220130940560001 to 20130940561010DOWNLOAD
TM-MID95020130640620001 to 20130640621010DOWNLOAD